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Automate Your Lead Funnel With Picreel App Connectivity Integrations

If part of your lead generation strategy is collecting names on your website, you may be using a variety of strategies, including landing pages, forms, signup boxes, and Picreel offer campaigns. From here, you likely have a lead nurturing process that includes email, social, content, and personal communication strategies that moves a lead through your funnel until they eventually become a paying customer. If your lead gen strategies are raking in a lot of leads everyday, it can be challenging to keep up with all the tasks associated with the various touches throughout your funnel.

While Picreel customers already enjoy integration with major email, CRM and marketing automation platforms – such as MailChimp, Aweber, Marketo and HubSpot – if you want to put your data to use in multiple systems, you have to integrate and configure each system separately.

OR, you can use an app connectivity tool, like Zapier or Apiant, to save time and automate your lead funnel. Here’s how.

Example Lead Funnel

Picture this scenario:

  • A lead converts on your offer campaign by entering their name and email
  • You add the lead to the appropriate email list
  • You email the lead a thank you message for their signup
  • You add the lead to your CRM
  • You notify the appropriate salesperson of the new lead
  • You send an email with a free ebook download offer
  • The lead converts on the download offer and moves to the next point in your funnel
  • You move them to the appropriate email list
  • You send an email with a demo/consultation offer
  • The lead converts on the consultation and moves to the next point in your funnel
  • You move them to the appropriate email list
  • You send an email with a special pricing offer
  • The lead converts on the offer and becomes a paying customer

This could be a typical lead funnel for an SaaS business, with each subsequent email qualifying leads and moving them to the next touch until they eventually convert and become customers. But that’s a LOT of tasks to perform, and if you have high-converting offers and decent website traffic, manually managing this process is just not feasible.

A One-Stop-Shop For Apps That Use The Same Data

In the example above, the same data (name and email) would have needed to be sent to your CRM, email system and marketing automation platform. While it’s possible to integrate each system with Picreel, you have to configure each system to tell it what to do with incoming data.

By using an app connectivity tool, such as Zapier or Apiant, you can bypass configuring multiple systems and do everything from one place. In Zapier or Apiant, you specify what happens to the data that Picreel collects, what system it should flow into, and what actions should be taken once there. Meaning, not only can you tell the data to go populate your CRM, you can also create custom programs that trigger workflows to add the lead to a specified list in your email system, send an email, alert the lead owner, and schedule follow-up tasks — automatically.

Connect Picreel To Thousands Of Apps

While these connectivity apps are ideal for businesses that use their Picreel data in multiple systems, they’re also a solution for businesses that use systems Picreel is not currently integrated with. Zapier currently allows users to connect to more than 1,000 apps, while Apiant boasts more than 15,000 options. This means that even if you don’t have a complex lead funnel, you can still automate your current tasks by connecting Picreel to your marketing and sales systems via Zapier or Apiant.

Like Picreel, these tools are designed to be user-friendly and up-and-running in minutes. Setup is complete in just a few simple steps and creating programs requires no coding. In most cases, directing data via Zapier or Apiant is actually simpler than creating workflows directly in your CRM or email system itself!

The result? You save time and resources, reduce data entry and human errors, increase sales velocity as you move more leads through your funnel with less effort, and ultimately drive more revenue.

Need help connecting your Picreel account with Zapier or Apiant? We’re here to help, and are happy to share customer feedback and testimonials from our subscribers that successfully use Picreel with these app connectivity tools! Call 888-891-5782 or get in touch with us online.

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